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Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Henredon Century Furniture

It can take years to a lifetime for an artisan to develop the necessary skills to craft an exceptional piece of work. In any body of work, the smallest detail can mean the biggest difference both aesthetically and in function. We pay attention to those details with the utmost care when it comes to our furniture. We believe this is where true value and quality begins.

Hartford Armoire - Savannah Collections

The Hartford Armoire: Designed to last for generations.

In a world where more and more furniture products have become disposable after only a few years of use, we strive to create enduring products that will last for generations to come. We understand that our environment is impacted by what products we choose to consume, and we want to provide a quality, alternative choice to those who are committed in doing their part in sustaining the environment.

Each and every piece at Savannah Collections manifests our dedication to long-lasting, quality products.  Using solid Mahogany or Walnut wood, our artisans implement only the highest standard of carpentry methods. We incorporate time-honored woodworking techniques with advanced technology to create masterful pieces that are not only durable, but beautifully timeless.

All of our solid hardwood are treated with a kiln-drying process using state-of-the-art German equipment. This process eliminates moisture from the wood, protecting it from warping due to humidity and ensuring a longer lifespan.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Baker Furniture Lexington Furniture

Dovetail joinery requires meticulous woodwork.

Joinery, or the advanced carpentry technique of interlocking two separate pieces of wood together, is another mark of fine craftsmanship. In place of glue, nails or other mechanical fasteners, wood pieces are meticulously hand cut to self-locking shapes, so that there are no gaps or movement between any joints. This requires a high level of accuracy to ensure a snug fit, and secures the pieces together so that it is near impossible to separate. This feature can be found throughout our shelves, drawers and cabinets.

From our carefully selected range of finishes to the exquisite designs of Turkish wooden veneer inlays, you’ll find a painstaking attention to detail that embraces everyday elegance and impeccably tailored design. Our chosen materials and fabrics are texturally and visually pleasing to the senses: European silk, Italian marble-top tables, nailhead-studded headboards and button-tufted chairs exude a luxurious ambiance that can transform any room in your home.

Carneros Dining Table - Savannah Collections

The Carneros Dining Table with expertly crafted veneer inlay design.

Savannah Collections High End Furniture Henredon Drexel Heritage

The Sullivan Coffee Table: Romantic Italian white marble top and enchanting wood carvings.

These are just a few features Savannah Collections offer. We understand that today’s conscious consumer desires products that go beyond fleeting trends. Timeless, enduring quality – now that’s something to hold on to.