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When in the market to buy a new sofa, the endless options available to us can be overwhelming.  Whether you’re looking for a luxury sofa with traditional design, or a more modern or contemporary piece, you’ll have a better chance at successfully finding the right sofa with just a bit of planning before beginning your search.  With various factors to consider, we wanted to provide a few tips to make the decision-making process easier.  A good approach would be to first consider your personal needs, and how you’d like your new sofa to match your home and lifestyle.

Frame Construction

A sofa’s frame provides the foundation and support and should be one of the first factors to consider when buying a sofa.  A high quality sofa should sit squarely on the floor without any wobbling or creaking.  This indicates that joints are sturdy and will last a long time.  You’ll also want to ensure that the wood used is of high quality and if possible, opt for furniture constructed with kiln-dried wood to prevent undue warping and expanding over time due to moisture or changes in climate.

Cushion Style and Filling

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With any cushioning, ensure that it is firm yet pliable, and regains its shape after pressing down upon it and let go.  Down-filled cushions are optimal, though are generally more expensive.  Conforming to one’s body, down-filled cushioning is comfortable to sit on, though may need to be fluffed up and turned every so often to maintain their form and shape.

Also check that a tight back sofa’s cushion has no hard spots and sofa-bed cushions fit snugly in place.  For optimal comfort, choose a seat with depth depending upon your height.  The taller a person is, the more seat depth would be needed.

Sofa Arm Style

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There are several styles of sofa arms from which to choose, such as curved, traditional rolled, straight, or even armless sofas.  Whichever your preference, check to see that the sofa arms are properly joined to the sofa frame and are well-padded.


Another point to consider is the type of fabric to look for on sofas.  From the cushion of the sofa bed to the accent and support pillows, you’ll want to have the highest quality in textiles and upholstery.  The materials and cloths used should be carefully considered according to your lifestyle.  For instance, if small kids will be around your sofa, you may wish to avoid smaller designer elements such as beads or sequins.  Knowing these details beforehand may help prevent any potential issues later on.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Marge Carson Baker Furniture

Sofa Body

From sofa-beds to sectionals, there seems to be as many sofa body styles as there are types of fabric.  Take some time to browse various styles to get a better feel for what size, shape and style you’ll need.

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Savannah Collections’ Santa Barbara Sectional Sofa above provides ample space for a relaxing retreat, with generous support and accent pillows for a cozy yet luxurious setting.

Savannah Collections, high end furniture, Henredon, Marge Carson

If you’re looking for a leather sofa, the Henredon Leather Sofa shown above defines elegant comfort with its tufted leather backrest and seat, gracefully rolled arm rests, and nail-head accents.

The Perfect Sofa

We hope that these tips and ideas will provide a solid basis for your search in finding the perfect sofa.  Since your sofa will stay with you for a significant period of your life, you’ll inevitably want to ensure you can enjoy your investment for as long as possible.