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Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.

The art of marquetry refers to the practice of applying cut pieces of different woods to form decorative patterns and designs, and is often found on fine home accessories and high end furniture.  It is an antiquated furniture crafting technique of creating intricate mosaics out of carefully selected wood veneer.

Bad Hare Day by Silas Kopf

Marquetry work - Trousseau Chest

Intricate marquetry work – Trousseau Chest

Originating from 16th century marquetry practices of woodworkers in Italy and France, these patterns range from simple and geometric in design, to more advanced and highly-detailed intricate pictures.  These beautifully crafted objets d’art are primarily comprised of wood, however bone, turtle-shell, mother-of-pearl, pewter, brass and other fine metals may also be embedded within the overall design.

Marquetry crafting was for some time considered a dying art.  However, due to the rising popularity of hand-crafted furniture, many of these uniquely crafted pieces can be found more and more in recent luxury furniture designs.  This new-found interest in specialized craftsmanship has master marquetry-makers in high demand.
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Savannah Collections, luxury furniture, Thomasville furniture, Drexel HeritageMany of these captivating pieces are constructed with painstaking care, as each individual woodcut veneer is laid into the furniture piece by piece.  The striking contrasts of colorful wood and graceful patterns make for unforgettable works of art that can be appreciated in the home.

Savannah Collections, luxury furniture, Lexington furniture, Baker furniture

Handmade marquetry designs on furniture is a mark of distinguished luxury.  Finding these unique furnishings might prove a challenge, but thankfully, their growing popularity has spurned more shops to carry them.  Select high end furniture brands that currently feature world-class marquetry pieces include Baker Furniture, Lexington Furniture, and Savannah Collections.

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