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Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Marge Carson Henredon

Photo via Decoholic.

The term “traditional” in the realm of decor and interior design is commonly associated with images of old-fashioned or dated rooms.  However, in current design trends, traditional decor has earned an updated image – one of luxury and comfort, with a deep appreciation for history.  But how to achieve this style within your home, without calling back that old stuffy reputation?

Here’s a few tips on how to implement this refreshing and lively version of traditional design into your home:

Regal Rugs

Accent rugs can soften the look of a room with hardwood or tiled floors.  Generally traditional designs in textile are not too showy with too much texture or flashiness.  Muted, solid colors and simple patterns help to keep the focus on the furniture within the space.  Try lighter rugs with floral patterns for an airy ambiance.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Drexel Heritage Lexington Furniture

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The rule of pairs reigns in traditional design, as symmetry offers a sense of familiarity and unity.  Symmetry plays a huge role in traditional homes as it is both pleasing to the eye and easy to implement.  For instance, luxury accent chairs may be placed on either side of a small accent table or commode to create an inspirational entryway.  The lustrous Elizabeth Crown Chair by Savannah Collections provides an understated elegance for a traditional home.  With its lovely crown-carved top, cabriole legs and cherry mahogany finish, this piece truly shines.

Classic Comfort

Comfort and a “homey” atmosphere defines traditional spaces.  But this doesn’t mean you’re limited to only run-of-the-mill designs.  Place one of these Borghese Arm Chairs by Marge Carson on each side of an occasional table to bring a touch of distinguished elegance to your home.  Its gracefully curved arm rests convey a certain regal ambiance, yet also provide comfortable seating for which traditional design is recognized.

Savannah Collections High End furniture Century furniture Henredon

Photo via Living Livelier.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Marge Carson Henredon

Photo via Living Livelier.

Floral Frenzy

Cut flower arrangements offers a refreshing texture with visually pleasing colors to enhance just about any space.  Floral patterns are commonly found in traditionally designed decor and furnishings, bringing the dynamic of nature’s beauty to inanimate, everyday objects.

Architectural Attention

Crown molding and decorative trim along traditional rooms give an air of formality.  They can also add a touch of dramatic flair without over-stimulating or creating too much distraction from the often neutral tone and quiet elegance of a traditional home.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Marge Carson Henredon

Photo via Housevira.