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A bedroom serves as an ideal location to create a retreat where one can restore body and mind through rest and relaxation.  And if you tend to have hectic days like us, you’d want your bedroom decor to foster a sense tranquility, and to promote rejuvenation to prepare you to combat the stressors of everyday.

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Designing your bedroom for this purpose can allow you to reap rewards every time you retire at an end of the day.

Calming Colors

Your bedroom color scheme should encourage relaxation.  Light colors, pastel shades, neutral tones are great on walls and larger items in the room such as curtains, bed linens and upholstery.  Calming colors won’t overstimulate and nurtures a quietude within a space.

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Incorporating bright colors is an option, although you may want to stick with subdued hues such as a soft mustard yellow and sky blue so as not to stimulate the senses right as you’re about to sleep.  Ideally, you want to create an environment conducive to slowing down and soothing the mind from the day’s stresses.

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De-stressing Decor

Deciding on decor and luxury furnishings may require a bit more planning.  Start off with larger, essential pieces such as your bed.  As the heart of the bedroom, your bed is the focal-point, and will be where you’ll inevitably spend most of your time.  Choose linens and pillows that are both enticing as well as comfortable.  Cozy and soft, warm or cool, your blankets and sleeping materials are worth the extra investment so as to provide maximum comfort as you’re resting.

Select lamps that provide soft lighting as bright lights will tend to rouse the senses.  You may want to consider implementing dimmers or reading lamps to allow for various levels of brightness in the room.

Add extra seating such as chaises or occasional chairs only if you know you will use them, and will add to keeping a tranquil environment.  Consider carefully the purpose of each item you place in the bedroom, as unused furniture such as accent chairs tend to tempt one to use as a makeshift ‘closet’ to temporarily place clothes and other items.


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Out of Sight, Peace of Mind

Whether you’ve chosen high end furniture or a more casual furnishings, you can then begin adding additional decor to match.  Place only items that you love and inspire you closest to your bed.  Keep cellphones, television sets and other electronics at good distances from the bed, or even out of sight.  Be careful not to overcrowd the room, especially if space is limited, as this can quickly create a busy environment which often provokes more stress rather than decrease it.

By minimizing the amount of items or clutter from immediate view, your mind can begin relax the moment you enter your room.  With a bit of planning and experimenting with what works for you, you’ll soon have your own sanctuary that you’ll love retreating to every night.  Your only problem will be that you may never want to leave!