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In the world of interior design, often times corners don’t get as much attention, especially in larger homes, where kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms usually take center stage.  However, with a few key elements and pieces, a quiet corner can easily turn into a cozy nook, one where you just might end up spending much of your time.

Savannah Collections High End furniture Century furniture Henredon

Design by Emily Followill. Photo via Aesthetically Thinking.

For a bedroom corner, combining an occasional chair and ottoman along with a luxury armoire and charming secretaire can make for a tranquil and inviting place to relax at the end of the day.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Marge Carson Henredon

Photo via Boston Design.

A quiet corner in a living room can be an ideal setting for a desk, especially if you have windows nearby to allow direct sunlight for writing or reading.  The gorgeous traditional desk above sits perfectly in its nook, with just a floral arrangement and table lamp as decor.  This arrangement wonderfully compliments the traditional end table, sofa and coffee table surrounding this quaint corner.

Savannah Collections luxury furniture Century furniture Henredon

Photo via Greige Design.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Henredon Thomasville furniture

Photo via LindseyOK.

A beautiful wooden occasional table between two graceful side chairs sets the perfect scene for a quiet conversation with a guest.  The smaller table setting allows for more intimate conversations, and the table provides just enough room for tea and snacks.  And if it isn’t already obvious, we’re a sucker for a lovely floral arrangement when decorating.  And this case is no exception – it always makes any space instantly more inviting.

Savannah Collections high end furniture Henredon Thomasville furniture

Photo via Modresdes.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Henredon Marge Carson

Photo via Nicety.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Baker furniture, Thomasville furniture

Photo via She-Dolce.

If a little quiet time alone is what you seek, creating a cozy seating area beside a window can be just what the doctor ordered.  A simple, comfy cushion may be all that you need, along with enough lighting for reading.  If space allows, however, a delightful and luxurious accent chair paired with an accent rug makes for a charming little escape within the home.  A few high-end furniture brands that carry elegant accent chairs include Henredon, Century Furniture, and Savannah Collections.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Henredon Marge Carson

Photo via Elements at Home.

Carving out a little creative time during the day can prove challenging with so many modern-day distractions.  However, designating a special corner for just this purpose may prove beneficial to get the creative juices flowing.  The simple area above has an enchanting tree branch shelving and a fluffy-soft accent rug to offset the cooler brick wall backdrop.