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You’ve spent much time and care in collecting your treasured china, and now you’re wondering how you will be displaying and storing them.  As china dishes can be fragile, they must be carefully handled when cleaning and storing away.  Improper storage or handling can result in chipped edges and broken pieces.  As your collection can hold high monetary as well as sentimental value, you’ll want to definitely keep them safe and protected.

When not in use, keep your china in a china cabinet.  As fine china can be quite delicate, you can have more peace of mind knowing they are safe from harm behind a protective shield of glass.  Choose a cabinet with enough space to store and display your collection.  Depending upon your needs, you may want to consider choosing a cabinet with interior lighting, and extra drawer and enclosed storage space at the bottom for those pieces you wish not to display.

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Once you have your cabinet, select certain dishes you want to focus attention on, and use plate stands to hold them upright.  Also take into consideration tea cups, teapots, saucers and gravy boats you’d like to display, and make sure you’ll have enough space for everything without overcrowding.  Crowding your dishes may lead to damages whenever taking them in and out of the china.


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Organize your dishes with the largest pieces towards the back.  Plates and serving platters should always go behind smaller items such as saucers and cups.  Try to avoid stacking pieces on top of one another if possible, to reduce risk of damage. Otherwise, arrange to your heart’s content and voilà! Your beautiful collection is ready to be admired.


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