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Upon entering a home for the first time, your first impression will most likely stay with you throughout your entire visit.  All at once, and perhaps without even being aware, you’ll note the decor, take into account the style of furniture, accent items, framed artwork, lighting, and the myriad of other pieces carefully chosen by its owner.

A home’s entryway and foyer can be easily overlooked when designing the home, as it is usually passed through quickly by most.  However, it can potentially be one of the most meaningful and extraordinary areas in the home.  It is not only what guests will first see as they enter the house, but where the homeowners’ own eyes will land once arriving home from a long day at work or school, and return to after the bustling chaos of the day.  The entrance then, should present an inviting, pleasant environment, and what you find there should feel like a welcoming embrace.

Depending upon your taste, you can keep things as simple or intricate as you wish, but the one thing to keep in mind, is that this area will be what you’ll encounter first in your home.  A beautiful bench and console may be all you need in your entryway, accented with a few live plants, an accent mirror and lamps.  As you’ll be walking in and out through the entrance more frequently than most other areas of the home, you’ll want to ensure you’ll have enough space for foot traffic, and designated places for items you’ll be leaving near the door.  For example, if you live in an area with extreme weather patterns, you may need to have a coat and umbrella rack nearby.  By designating storage areas for articles you use based on your lifestyle, you’ll appreciate the convenience and beauty this space offers even more.


Photo via freshome.com.

Photo via Home Designing.

Hallways and foyers are other areas of the home that are often overlooked.  But these less lived-in areas, if looked at in a certain light, can be viewed as remarkable passageways showcasing just as much beauty as any other area in the home.

Photo via Home Design Love.

Photo via Home Design Love.

As hallways are usually narrower in space, the furniture and pieces you’ll place within it should be selected carefully.  Overcrowd, and you’ll have minimal walk-through space.  Carefully plan out dimensions of furnishings prior to purchasing. Take into account what you’d like to showcase as a focal point, and how you want to present it.

Photo via Home Design Love.

The hallway above is a breathtaking example of fusing elegant decor with efficient design.  Lighting is flush with the ceiling which creates a clean, minimal appearance and brilliantly highlights the focus below:  a stunning compact lily pond.  The self-contained pond lends a tranquil feeling that sets the stage for the rest of the space.  This wonderful hallway is further enhanced by transparent modern pedestals each holding a simple, yet gorgeous flower arrangement.