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Photo via Indulgy.

A round dining table is a refreshing piece from the more common square or rectangular styles.  A lovely chandelier centered directly above is the perfect combination as it creates symmetry and a sense of balance.


Photo via Homahku.

As a smaller table, you don’t need a large centerpiece, as it may overwhelm the limited space.  Instead, opt for a small floral arrangement as the focal point, which also helps to conserve space for more important things, such as your meal!


Photo via Indulgy.

When placed at the middle of the room, a round table takes up less floor space as well.  This is ideal for displaying a wonderful square area rug to accent and balance the curves of the table.


Photo via Indulgy.

Round dining tables are wonderfully complimented by straight-lined side and arm chairs.  The contrast of curves and sleek lines create a visually pleasing balance.


Photo via Inspired-Design.