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Area rugs, or accent rugs, are a beautiful addition to any room.  Although some may consider them accessories, many well-chosen rugs can provide a foundation, and even help define a room.

Apart from adding color and beauty, an area rug also offers many comforting benefits – it warms a room, provides soft padding for your feet, and softens sound echos within spacious areas.  A rug also helps to protect your wooden floors – or your new luxury furniture – from unsightly scratches.

Foundation for Design

If you plan to have an area rug cover a significant portion of a room, try to select the rug prior to deciding on any other major furniture piece if possible.  Certain patterns on rugs can be limiting, and as a substantial piece that dresses a large area, you’ll want to connect it to the room’s color scheme, furniture and decor, which will be easier if you already have your rug selected.  The rug’s design will act as an anchor, which will tie in the decor effortlessly.

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Rug-ged Lifestyle

A main point to consider when selecting an area rug – your lifestyle! No matter how beautiful you know that cream rug will look on your hardwood floor, you know that with young kids and pets around, that cream rug will very quickly turn into an abstract work of art with the inevitable spills and stains.  Find a family-friendly rug that will allow for these life events such as dark-patterned rugs made from easy-to-clean wool.  Luckily, there is a rug for every space and lifestyle.

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Sizes and Shapes

Don’t forget to also consider the size and shape according to your room dimensions and furnishings.  With so many beautiful rugs from which to choose, you should have no problems in finding exactly what you need – and want.  Do you have a large, rectangular living room?  A long, rectangular rug will compliment it brilliantly.  Similarly, a round dining table would be wonderfully matched with a round area rug.  Measure your furniture and spaces to ensure that the rug will cover the amount needed.  To create a nice border around the perimeter of a room, allow at least 12 inches from the baseboards.

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Fortune Favors the Bold

Do be adventurous and don’t hold back.  If you enjoy bold patterns, an area rug is the perfect item to realize your wildest patterned-dreams.  You have to respect a rug that demands your attention, that holds its own ground (pun intended) among the bigger and taller decorative items.  Making a rug your focal point will lend an unforgettable charm to any space.


Photo via HGTV.